Baseling Data update on its way

It’s been a long time coming. The CtG baseline data is based on values from 2005, and on projections made before 2009. A lot has happened in the world since then, Changing the Game is due for an update!

With a major event coming up in November (CtG at the Sustainability Science Congress – more about this later), a team from Energy Crossroads Denmark, and Thomas from artefact in Germany joined up to breathe new life into our cards & poster designs, and most importantly, to revisit the game data.

One intense weekend (16th & 17th August), was just sufficient to set us on a clear path, and thanks to Karsten, Lena and Julia – we have fully refreshed baselines from 2012 data for CtG Europe.

(Why “CtG Europe”? yes. indeed, there is also CtG South East Asia! We’ve been contacted by individuals who’d like to develop also versions for US, China, South Africa, or Brazil – we can put you in touch and would love to support your development!)

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