Changing the Game was developed in 2009 by Energy Crossroads Denmark for the conference Our Opportunity as a workshop programme to guide informed discussions about the future of energy consumption and production. Since, it has been further developed and improved, and as of now about 2000 students have created their own energy future using Lego bricks.

Changing the Game is certified as an Official Partner of Sustainable Energy Europe. As such, Changing the Game is officially endorsed by the European Commision.

Energy Crossroads Denmark has partnered with the Danish School Service to develop a short version to be used for high schools.

Furthermore Energy Crossroads Denmark is a member of RCE Denmark promoting education in Sustainable development.

Energy Crossroads Denmark is a Danish NGO seeking to promote a more sustainable energy future through different activities including education.

  • Collaboration and decision making
  • Understanding energy and addressing the challenge
  • Understanding Choice
  • Visual and hands-on energy planning